January 16-20 

Logic, Verification and Abstraction (LVA)

Giorgio Delzanno

 January 23-27

Logic-based Agent Languages

Viviana Mascardi

January 27

Research Management and Organization I

Alessandro Armando

 February 1

Research Management/Organization II  

Alessandro  Verri

 February 6-10

Strategic Choices: Games and Team Optimization (StraC)

Lucia Pusillo and Marcello Sanguineti

February 6-10 and13-17

Introduction to Convex Optimization (COpt)

Saverio Salzo  

February 20-24

Languages and Solving Techniques for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR)

Marco Maratea

February 13-17

An Introduction to Dynamic Optimization and Optimal Control (DynOOC)

Giorgio Gnecco 

February 20-24

Model Predictive Control and Applications (MoPCA)

Mauro Gaggero

 May 1-5

Security Analysis Techniques based on SMT Solving (SecSMT)

Silvio Ranise

May 8-12

Automated Software Testing (AST)

Paolo Tonella, Mariano Ceccato, Filippo Ricca, Marco Tiella

 May 15-19

Mobile Security

Alessandro Armando, Gabriele Costa, Alessio Merlo 

May 31

Scientific Writing

Leila De Floriani

June 5-9

Machine Learning A Computational Intelligence Approach

Franco Masulli, Stefano Rovetta

June 12-16

Programming Complex Heterogeneous Parallel Systems

Andrea Clematis, D'Agostino, Danovaro Galizia

June 19-23

Multimodal Interfaces

Gualtiero Volpe

 June 26-30

Introduction to Applied Game Design and Development

Elena Bertozzi (Invited)

 June 27-July 1

Machine Learning Crash Course

Lorenzo Rosasco

 July 3-7

Industrial Analytics: Theory and Practice of Learning from Data

Davide Anguita, Luca Oneto

 July 3-7

Satellite-based flood hazard mapping

Boni, Pulvirenti, Cenci


July 10-15

Data Visualization

Leila  De Floriani, Federico Iuricich



Data to be confirmed

Declarative Programming and (Co)Induction

Davide  Ancona, Elena Zucca



September 4-8

Adding Value to Data Summer School

George Gottlob, Leonid Libkin, Barbara Catania, Giovanna Guerrini




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