Detailed Instructions and Guidelines

The deadline for the application is November 11, 2021 at 12:00 (Italian Time).

It is assumed that you are interested in one of the research areas of the PhD in Computer Science and Systems Engineering. 
A description of the research areas may be found here (see also Mission in the Left Menu).
A list of more specific themes proposed by DIBRIS research groups may be found available in the Research Themes section.
Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the reference person for the theme they are interested in. In case they wish to visit the department, they can contact the PhD program coordinator, the Reference person of the Curriculum, or the responsible of a specific research theme or scholarship. One necessary requirement for admission is that you have a University degree at Master level, or you expect to obtain it by 31 October 2021. If you have a foreign degree (ie you did not graduate in Italy) your application your follow an ad hoc procedure to have your degree recognised as equivalent to an Italian degree.

Application Form
General Information and application forms are available at the URL:

See on-line help for instructions (you will need to fill the form with your personal data and to specify the PhD program
you are applying for (Computer Science and Systems Engineering) and the curriculum).

You will need to upload a number of documents (in pdf format):

  • A valid photo ID (both sides and all pages)

  • A CV that clearly indicates your prior research experience
    (this includes e.g. project work, publications, teaching experience, title and short summary of your Master’s thesis)

  • A research project consistent with the research theme that you selected (10 pages maximum).
    Guidelines to write a research project proposal are available at the URL:
    Research Proposal guidelines

  • The transcript of exams with grades

Each canditate should provide 1 to 3 reference letters to support the application.
You must not upload reference letters. They must be sent directly by the writer to the PhD coordinator (see below).

Important notice for non local candidates
For non-local candidates (i.e., not known to faculty members at DIBRIS)
it is particularly important to secure reference letters from well-established researchers that can provide a reliable assessment of the candidate's abilities.

Reference Letters

The reference letters must be sent by the writer of the letter to the following email addresses, before the submission deadline 

-computer science: phd.compsci at (replace at with @)
-systems engineering: phd.syseng at (replace at with @)

A template may be found in the Reference Lettere Template.

Selection process 
A Selection Committee (COMMISSIONE) evaluates background knowledge and research potential of the candidates, based on the information submitted with their application (TITOLI) and based on a technical/motivational INTERVIEW. At the end the Committee produces a ranked list (GRADUATORIA) of candidates sufficiently qualified and trained to have a reasonable expectation of successfully completing the graduate program.

 The ranking is primarily based on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Quality of previous undergraduate/graduate workStrength of reference letter
  • Statements in the applicant's research proposal
  • Other evidence of graduate potential
  • Availability of an advisor in the research area selected by the applicant
  • Availability of positions in the PhD program
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