The research activities are articulated in the following curriculum

Computer Science Curriculum

  • Big Data, Data Management and Analysis, Data Intensive Computing, Web and Stream Data, Geographic Information Systems
  • Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling, Computational Topology, Scientific Visualization, Spatial Data Processing
  • Image Processing and Analysis, Computer Vision, Medical Imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agent Systems; Knowledge Representation, Computational Logic, Constraint Programming, Verification
  • Machine Learning: theory and algorithms, Bioinformatics, Text and Image Retrieval
  • Programming Languages, Compilers, Type Theory, Semantics, Concurrency, Theoretical Computer Science
  • Software Engineering, Sotware Development Methods, Human Computer and Multimodal Inferfaces, Multimedia Systems 
  • Parallel Systems, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Security, Web and Networks
  • Internet of Things, Pervasive Computing, Cloud  Computing

Secure and Reliable Systems (Joint degree with FBK Trento)

  • Data Protection and Privacy: process, technical, and regulatory issues
  • Security Testing Procedures for Mobile Applications
  • Formal Methods for Requirements Validation of Resilient Systems
  • Model-based safety assessment for hybrid systems

Systems Engineering Curriculum

  • Dynamic systems Modelling, Analysis, Identification and Forecasting techniques
  • Planning, Optimization, Multi Agent and Distributed Optimization
  • Optimal Control, Robust Control, Model Predictive Control, Supervisory Control and Distributed Control Schemes
  • Simulation and Design of Experiments methods
  • Risk management, System Sustainability, System Reliability, Critical Infrastructures
  • Industrial Automation, Optimization of Manufacturing activities, Supply Chain Management·         
  • Modeling, Optimization and Control of Transportation Systems and Networks         
  • Monitoring, Supervision, Modeling and Optimization of Environmental Systems
  • Energy Systems and Distributed Energy Networks Modelling, Optimization and Management


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