Research topics

The research areas  of the PhD program are:

Computer Science Curriculum

  • Large Scale Data Management and Analysis; Semantic, Geo-referenced, and Stream Data
  • Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling, Computational Topology, Scientific Visualization, Spatial Data Processing
  • Image Processing and Analysis, Computer Vision, Medical Imaging, Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agent Systems; Knowledge Representation, Computational Logic, Constraint Programming, Verification
  • Machine Learning: Theory and Algorithms, Computational Intelligence,  Bioinformatics, Well-Being Technologies, Text and Image Retrieval
  • Programming Languages, Compilers, Type Theory, Semantics, Concurrency, Theoretical Computer Science
  • Software Engineering, Sotware Development Methods, Human Computer and Multimodal Inferfaces, Multimedia Systems 
  • Parallel Systems, Distributed Systems, Cloud  Computing, Operating Systems, Security, Web and Networks

Systems Engineering Curriculum

  • Dynamic systems Modelling, Analysis, Identification and Forecasting techniques
  • Planning, Optimization, Multi Agent and Distributed Optimization
  • Optimal Control, Robust Control, Model Predictive Control, Supervisory Control and Distributed Control Schemes
  • Simulation and Design of Experiments methods
  • Risk management, System Sustainability, System Reliability, Critical Infrastructures
  • Industrial Automation, Optimization of Manufacturing activities, Supply Chain Management·         
  • Modeling, Optimization and Control of Transportation Systems and Networks         
  • Monitoring, Supervision, Modeling and Optimization of Environmental Systems
  • Energy Systems and Distributed Energy Networks Modelling, Optimization and Management

Secure and Reliable Systems

  • Data Protection and Privacy: process, technical, and regulatory issues
  • Security Testing Procedures for Mobile Applications
  • Security Testing
  • Model-based safety assessment for hybrid systems

We report  here a collection of research  topics for specific  projects for the XXXIII cycle proposed by members of our Department: specific research themes.

IMPORTANT: When submitting  your  research proposal, candidates can either elaborate on one of these latter research projects or submit proposals on any topic within  the research areas of the PhD program, as reported above.



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