Robotics and Autonomous systems

The goal of the Advanced Robotics and Robotic Design curriculum is to study, design and build robots and team of robots able to exhibit a robust and predictable behaviour while autonomously performing complex tasks in challenging indoor and outdoor environments.
The focus is both on key methodologies and technologies (e.g.: advanced robot control, robot coordination and cooperation, sensing, state estimation, knowledge representation, motion planning, real-time scheduling, design of human-robot interfaces, design of macro/micro robot systems, design of sensors and actuators) as well as on specific robotic areas (e. g., underwater, aerial and space robotics, wheeled and legged robots, manipulation) and on different application scenarios (e.g., search&rescue, surveillance and monitoring, material handling and transportation).
Moreover, all the aspects above are faced by putting a special emphasis on the study and the adoption of theoretically founded methodologies and the design of experimentally verifiable solutions, to the end of meeting the robustness and predictability requirements even in unknown, dynamically changing, or even hazardous environments.

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